Friday, June 10, 2011

Product of the Month: Artistry Polishing Scrub

This polishing scrub works as a cleanser and as a light exfoliator. The jojo beads work away dead skin cells and leave the skin feeling refreshingly new! The polishing scrub can work as part of the microdermabrasion system or individually. I use it individually once a week. And, as with all Artistry products, it smells amazing!

To check out this product as well as other skin care products, go to and click the "beauty" link

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Proposal Details

The first thing that everyone asks, now that I am engaged, is "how did he do it?" So here is anything that anyone might want to know:

We had been planning to go to Tennessee for Jerrod's sisters' High School graduation. Her graduation was on friday, her graduation party was on saturday, and we were going to go to an arboretum to take family pictures on sunday. Of course the thought had popped into my head that this could be the weekend but I kept trying to talk myself out of that because I didn't want to get my hopes up. 1. I didn't think he would do it because it was sisters' weekend and I didn't know if that would be stealing her thunder. 2. It was a little sketchy that they wanted to do family pictures because they have such a HUGE family. But his mom is WAY into photography so, at the same time, it made sense. 3. I had thought that he was going to propose on my graduation day...but that didn't happen. So I didn't want to get excited for nothing.
I also thought that it was a little weird that Jerrod wanted us to wear something that matched for the family pictures. And those that know me know that I always ruin my surprises. It's not that I don't like surprises, I just like to try and guess what they might be. They are like little mini mysteries that bug me until I can solve them.

So we are at the arboretum, we all sit down in this gazebo type thing and start taking family pictures. We take about three or four and then Jerrod's mom says that she wants to do couple pictures. Jerrod and I are first. So we find a spot to take pictures, literally take ONE picture and then he turns to me, grabs my hands and starts to propose. Now...I have no idea what he even said to me! He could have been receiting the pledge of allegiance and I would have had no clue! My mind starting going a million miles a minute.  He took a small box out of his front pocket, which I have no idea how he fit that in there without my noticing because I definitely looked and couldn't tell that anything was in there. (and he has no idea that I had glanced towards his front pocket ...JUST INCASE). When he pulled the box out, the first thing I could manage to say was "Is this a joke?" Out of all the things I could have possibly said at that moment, that was what came out of my mouth?! It just didn't seem real. I remember looking at him and then looking at his entire family, and then he got down on one knee, opened the box, and asked me to marry him.

So I cried.....and got make-up all over his shirt....

And I laughed....

And I didn't want to let go....

Thankfully Jeannie, Jerrod's mom, is a really creative photographer because we got to take some pretty awesome engagement pictures!!!

 No, we have not picked a date yet. We are still trying to get used to the fact that we now call each other "fiance." Which turned into us calling each other "Beyonce." (thanks to Jerrod's step-dad, Dean). He liked it so he put a ring on it! =)

I am so lucky to be engaged to my very best friend!! He is the one that I want to wake up to and come home to every single day. When something happens, whether it's frustrating or exciting, he is the first person that I want to tell! He is the one who can make me laugh no matter what! He is my life's comic relief. He is the one that I want to call my husband. He is the one that I want to start a family with... of little ones that ruin all the songs that I like to listen to in the car with their crazy voices and made up words!! He is the one that I want to spend the rest of my life with. He is THE ONE!!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


It has been a while since I have posted. Since the last post, I have graduated college, job searched (a lot), shopped (a lot), and have been preparing for the trip to Tennessee to see Jerrod's younger sister, Lauryn, graduate High School! It has been quite an eventful month!

Anyways, I really wanted to get the word out for my friend about a fundraiser that she is doing. It is for the organization Give Kids the World. She is selling crown stickers for $10 a piece. They are sooo cute and 100% of the proceeds go towards this organization! For more information about Give Kids the World and Lindsay's fundraiser, you can visit her event on facebook at!/event.php?eid=183372245045226.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Product of the Month

As an IBO I would like to introduce more and more people to the products that I use and sell. Not just because I'm trying to sell products but because I honestly believe and LOVE these products!

The number one make-up item on my list is the Tinted Moisturizer. I got turned onto this item when one of my co-workers suggested it. (Thanks Lindsay!)  She competes in beauty pageants and a lot of the girls in the pageants use Artistry products. So I figured "why not?" It turns out, this product is absolutely amazing! I'm not the type of person who globs on a ton of make-up every single day and in the past different foundations have caused my skin to break out. Not this one! It works as a moisturizer and a foundation so it is light coverage without irritating my skin. You can use it by itself or sometimes I will dust mineral powder on top of it. I have recommended this item to some of my friends who have ended up loving it as well. If you are interested in this product check out my website at under the beauty tab. If you have any questions or would like to no more about this product and other feel free to contact me. =)

Monday, May 2, 2011


This is my new "SHINE" necklace. If you haven't heard about this project then you definitely need to take a look. Ok! This girl is amazing! Her name is Ashley and she started a project called, what else? The Shine Project! She describes it as "Going out of your comfort zone to bring light to those who need hope.The Shine Project emulates love, sacrifice, and CHANGE." $1 from every necklace sold goes to The Shine Project Scholarship award to inner city school students college education. So you get a cute (affordable) necklace, she also has t-shirts, which reminds you to step outside of the box and put yourself out there for others while doing what makes you happy and... the money goes toward a great cause!! check out her blog and don't forget to SHINE! =)

THE DOG ATE MY really!

All semester it seems that Brody hasn't particularly liked me studying for one specific class! Cognition! I've literally had to show my teacher pictures of Brody rolling around in my notes and textbook. And of course..what kind of cognition final would it be if Brody didn't get ahold of my notecards...after I had been procrastinating and not getting any studying done. =)  I guess it really wouldn't make the end of my college career official if there wasn't some type of brody/homework catastrophe!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day Contest

So I was trying to come up with a contest for Earth Day and when I saw this shirt I knew! For the next month, any customers that make a purchase from will be entered into a raffle to win this t-shirt. 25% of the purchase of this t-shirt will be donated directly to PangeaSeed, supporting their anti-shark finning campaign.
Or you can go to and figure out how to support this cause along with many others.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why Blog?

That's easy...Senioritis! With only 16 days, 14 hours, and 51 minutes left of my college career {yep...counting down} I have become an expert at PROCRASTINATION.

Of course that's not the only reason. There are a lot of huge milestones coming up in my life and ideas that I have that I'd like to share and facebook doesn't quite get the point across.

I also have an online business selling make-up, skin care, energy drinks, supplements, etc.
But I like to use those powers for good. So far I have held a Grand Opening party and donated some of the proceeds to "Save Japan Dolphins." I have also created my own contest for a local Toms shoes event. With my local YMCA doing donations for One Day Without Shoes {taking donated shoes and sending them to Ethiopia and Haiti} I thought it would be a good idea to get my friends involved by creating a contest where the person who donated the most shoes to me would win a free product from my business.
Those were pretty successful and I have an idea for a contest for Earth Day so....stay tuned! :)